Self-Care: 8 Tips on How to Take Better Care of Yourself

True wellness is the intersection of physical and mental health. You can’t have one without the other, but today’s fast-paced lifestyles often 카지노사이트 means that mental health falls to the wayside. So how can you stop that from happening? One way is by focusing more on self-care: intentionally making space to take care of yourself … Read more

Public transportation is 10 times safer, analysis shows

Washington — A “modest” increase in public transportation use could help reduce traffic-related fatalities significantly, according to an analysis recently issued by the American Public Transportation Association and the Vision Zero Network. 카지노사이트 Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Transit Administration, researchers found that metro areas where residents average more than 40 bus … Read more

Article 31: The necessity of play in children’s lives

The Wellcome Collection in London recently held an exhibition titled “Play Well”. In coordination with Michael Rosen’s Book of Play, the exhibition pushed its audience to consider the importance of play for children’s health.  카지노사이트 The visitors were able to learn about German pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel’s kindergarten movement which put play at its center, the … Read more

Branches of History You Never Knew Existed

History is more than just the study of the past. Understanding history, among the most prominent arts stream disciplines, is vital for understanding the 카지노사이트 magnificent and historical events of the past that shaped the world as we know it now. If you are considering pursuing a degree in history, it is helpful to be … Read more